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Casillero Del Diablo – Valentines Day!

"Where there is no wine there is no love."

- Euripedes

I love wine, like really love it!  As I’ve aged, I’ve moved my drink of choice from beers and spirits to a real appreciation for great wine and food that can be enjoyed at home.  Both with my husband and with my friends.  I find pure joy in sitting and chatting over a glass of vino and letting the stresses of our modern day lives drift away.

There is nothing more exciting than having a wine night with my friends or on this occasion with my husband.  When the kids are in bed, there is something very relaxing about opening that bottle and pouring a glass.  It’s a sign we have both switched off from the day & are about to relax.  Of course, it isn’t just the wine causing all this relaxation & happiness, it’s the company and after a long day or rough week the opening of one of our favourite bottles signifies a lovely ritual, we practice a couple of times a week.

For Valentines Day, we aren’t big on going out to celebrate.  While we may not be the type of couple who shower each other with a dozen roses and diamonds (I wish!), picking up a special bottle of wine and cooking together is our little way to mark the day with our own nod to the most romantic day of the year!

With the colder weather, we’ve both been enjoying drinking red and Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon pairs perfectly with one of our favourite meals.  A steak dinner!  The Cabernet Sauvignon works beautifully with a medium rare steak and here’s why.  When a steak is rare it lessens the sensation of tannin in the accompanying wine, so a cabernet sauvignon will make a rare steak taste more mellow.  It brings out the flavour of the dish and allows the flavours to come through.  The perfect pairing!

However, while it’s just the pair of us marking the day this year, we have been known to host a dinner party or two when 14th Feb comes around and make it more about friends than romance.  Love is love!  We use any excuse to gather friends together and Valentines is as good a day as any.  I love to cook and find it so relaxing.  When guest arrive, we will usually pour chilled glasses of sauvignon blanc and all pitch in.  If I’m serving beef, the cabernet is our drink of choice but if it’s fish or chicken then the sauvignon blanc will be the drink of choice for the evening.  The acidity of the wine pairs beautifully with fish and chicken.  The warmer the climate, the better it matches with a roast dish, so a Chilean wine is the perfect accompaniment to a roast chicken.  Dinner, friends and wine, what more could you ask for?

And remember – today is all about the love! Drink sensibly and have a great day, however and whoever you are spending it with! xxx

Maria McKenzie

Maria McKenzie



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