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So, if you’re reading this, firstly welcome and secondly, thank you for clicking onto No Spring Chicken.  I wanted to write a post at the outset, to give a bit more of a detailed insight into why I set up this blog.  I made many wonderful friends along the way but it was time for a change.

Firstly, a bit of information about my background…..I’ve just finished up working in the Irish Radio industry after 23 years and took a redundancy to spend time with my two young kids and give this beauty business a go!  I have always adored make up and for a period of time many moons ago, I planned on heading to London to become a makeup artist after completing a course. However I found a real love of radio when I got a job in advertising and stayed in Dublin to pursue that. 

Along with make-up having the ability to transform and give confidence, I really believe the more you take care of your skin, the better you look and feel.   I spent many years recommending products to work colleagues and friends and doing their make up for nights out (Most Thursdays and Friday evenings when work drinks were on, I’d be presented with a bare face at my desk with someone saying “make me pretty”!) 

Anyway, I’m a 42 year old mom of two and while the industry has taken baby steps here and there (Chanel using Diane Kruger – 41 – for Le Lift, new L’Oreal age perfect range), fundamentally women of my age are not catered for when it comes to the beauty industry.  Take for example Dior’s new Capture Youth campaign targeted at over 35 year olds but the model they use is Cara Delavigne.  Granted a very beautiful model but a very young model, who at the tender age of 24 has yet had a fight with gravity or woken up from a slumber to find the pillow marks stay on her face well into the afternoon! 

I think we all work far too hard to spend our hard earned cash on products that we don’t know will actually work for us, when all the marketing is illustrating girls (because they are girls, rarely women) wearing the products.  You could bathe in creams 24/7 and still not have the bouncy skin of Kendal Jenner.  So that’s where I come in.  Realistically, I should already have shares in the majority of beauty companies as I’m completely obsessed with everything the industry has to offer, but here I am ready to trial and review products on my face and give you my honest opinion about the efficacy!

While I’m not professionally trained as a cosmetologist, I’m very particular about researching and reading up on all the information I possibly can, so I make informed decisions regarding my own skin care.  It’s important that you do your own research but if I can help in any way and take some of the pain out of going to all that effort, then great.

I also think it’s imperative that this site is used for positivity.  I’m personally bored to tears of women being misconstrued as somehow less intelligent or vain because they enjoy makeup and beauty.  I will personally defend any woman who wishes to go barefaced and wash with soap and water but equally so, I abhor the dialogue around beauty being something trivial and unnecessary. 

As women we are expected to possess beauty yet rebuke any suggestion that we care about our looks.  At times, women can’t win whether they opt in or out.  If we wear make-up, we’re judged as shallow, if we don’t, we are deemed as someone who’s let themselves go. 

I’ve been told what I spend on my face could be put to better use…..says who?  I have worked hard since I was a teenager and every euro has been hard earned by me.  Why should I justify what I spend that on?  I’ve yet to see someone turn to a man at a football match and suggest his pastime is frivolous and he’d be better using the money for the tickets to donate to charity.  My husband spent the equivalent of a second hand car on a bike (a push bike!) and all he got were looks of admiration from his biking mates, not a negative narrative of “oh that’s a lot to spend on yourself”!  That’s part of his self care, this is part of mine.

So for all those who love to take care of their skin, this is for you.  Your beauty, your way.  If that means wearing 4 inches of make-up and going to the shops like Joan Collins, I applaud you.  If you wish to stick on moisturiser and head out the door, bravo to you too. 

To have a full life, frivolity and fun is just as much a part of it as anything else.  Plus it’s as much about self care as anything else.  Whether you are young or old, male or female, you have the right to do what you wish and look after your body as you see fit – it’s yours and yours alone after all!

So, I hope you join me on this journey and please share your likes and dislikes too so we can create a real community.  So let’s remove the dialogue of “women should” and just replace with “women do”.  It’s not about “anti-ageing” it’s about feeling fabulous at any age!  So, you do you and I’m here to support you whatever that is!

Maria x

Maria McKenzie

Maria McKenzie



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