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Carter Beauty Makeup is the new brand from Marissa Carter, founder of Coco Brown. Last year she brought out an affordable makeup brand and I picked up a couple of the products to try them out. Here are my thoughts.

Smooth Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Price: €14.95

How many shadows: 18

Texture: Matte


This palette has made me fall in love with a totally matte eye again.  Each of the colours are highly pigmented, super soft, easy to blend and last all day.  It’s not easy to make matte colours that aren’t chalky or easy to blend, but there are absolutely no issues with these.  There is minimal fall out too which is a bonus.  The darker colours are a lovely tone and there is a mix of warm and cool shades to create the perfect eye look.  The lighter shades are great for a natural look or to use as a transition colour for a smokier eye.  For the price, you can’t really go wrong, and I’ve created many different looks with this palette. 


None, I can’t fault this palette.  It would be great to have a mirror but that would be a further expense so I can certainly do without to keep the price more affordable.

Blusher in shade Cupid:

Price: €7.95

Texture: Matte with one slight shimmer


This blusher has become my go to on most days.  It contains a mix of pink, coral and a gold/pink shade.  They are baked & apply beautifully giving a lovely healthy flush.  I usually mix the two top colours for my perfect shade.

Matte Palette & Cupid Blusher

Half Measure Dewy Foundation:

Price: €9.95

Shade: It comes in around 12 shades and I use Caramel Chew

Texture: Medium coverage satin feel (it markets itself as dewy and light but don’t expect a BB style cream if picking this up.  Coverage is much better)


This foundation is lighter in texture to their Full Measure.  I was expecting to need to layer it as I enjoy a fuller coverage, but I didn’t need to.  It’s light in texture, hydrating, oil free, blends beautifully & lasts well.  I have an oily t-zone so need powder but I haven’t met a foundation yet that can combat my oiliness throughout the day!  It really is a beautiful product and would suit most skin types (maybe except super oily).  It would be especially good for the more mature skin as it isn’t drying nor does it sit in fine lines (well no more than usual on my 43-year-old face after a day of wear!). 


The packaging!  It took several attempts to get the product out of the pipette.  Once I did, I fell in love with the product.  I think the neck of the bottle is a bit too small, so you do get a residue around the neck with lots of use.  Having said that, if this was fixed, it would be close to perfect, especially considering the price point!

Before & After

Overall verdict:

Other than packaging teething issues with the foundation, I’m really impressed with the range.  They have a lot more products available including powder, highlighter and lipsticks, so I’ll be getting my hands on a few more to try out.  Helps that it won’t totally break the bank!!  Available in stockists nationwide including Pennys.  You can also buy directly from their site here

Maria McKenzie

Maria McKenzie



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