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If you’re in any way beauty obsessed, you will already know who Alex Steinherr is.  She is the former beauty editor for Glamour UK & is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to beauty and skincare.  She is known for recommending high end, luxury products so when she announced she had teamed up with Primark to bring an affordable range to the market, the beauty world went nuts!  As did I! Alex comes across as a lovely genuine lady with a huge passion for beauty & she wanted to ensure skincare was available to everyone and not just those with deep pockets.  Since the range launched, it has sold out in the majority of stores, however it’s worth remembering this is not limited edition so there’s no need to panic.  I didn’t manage to get my hands on the full range but here are my thoughts on what I’ve used so far. 

The range is broken down into 4 categories ranging from 4euro to 6euro so all very affordable if you’re on a budget.  It also means you can use products for your specific skin concerns or mix and match on any given day.

  • Pore Balance – to combat oily, blemish prone skin
  • Plump & Glow – to hydrate and plump skin
  • Pollution Solution – to protect against environmental factors which cause ageing
  • Maximum Moisture – for hydration

Micellar Cleansing Gel?

This is a light gel that sits somewhere between a water and a thicker gel cleanser.  It is said to clear impurities from the face & remove light makeup. First impressions were that that this left my skin feeling really soft, however I wear quite a bit of makeup, so it didn’t remove what my normal micellar water would & I found myself having to use quite a bit to get any sort of traction.  The consistency of it is different & I honestly wasn’t a huge fan. I adore Alex but for me, it isn’t something I’d naturally reach for.  If you wear light makeup or none at all, it’s a good alternative to micellar waters and traditional cleansing gels.

Pore Balance Rescue Stickers

These are a little revelation!  There are a few brands who do these types of stickers and most are high end, so seeing them being mass produced at affordable prices is great.  They contain salicylic acid which is brilliant for getting deep down into the pores and clearing them out.  You place a sticker over the blemish and leave throughout the day for 7 or 8 hours or overnight.  I used them on a hormonal spot & it cleared it up much faster than usual.  A great little sticker that can be used to target pesky breakouts.  Will definitely keep these in my stash.

Sleep Spa Eye Mask

I’m not one who tends to bother with eye creams. I take my serums up around my eyes and find that sufficient however I made a conscious effort to use this nightly and I’m glad I did.  My eye area felt lovely and hydrated & the skin was more plump in the morning. There aren’t any active ingredients to combat ageing but if you want to keep the skin around your eyes hydrated, this is a lovely overnight mask.  I also used on my lips which helped keep them plump & lipstick ready so a great product to have in your kit.

Plump & Glow Mask

This is a two-step mask.  It contains a hydrating serum which you first apply, then you remove the mask which is also soaked in serum and place over the skin for 20 mins or so.  This mask is drenched in serum so there is no skimping on product here which is great. It contains water and glycerine as its main ingredients, so you will notice an immediate hydrating effect, however an hour or so later, my skin still needed some moisture.  I’m very dehydrated so find I need masks that are more active & hydrating to really give it that glow.  If you’re younger and don’t need ingredients that a 40 plus women does, then you will love this.

Pollution Solution Daily Skin Starter

This is a great product if you’re new to lactic acid. It contains a small amount which will help with keeping skin resurfaced and smooth.  You apply after moisturiser and prior to make up and this clear gel, is a lovely wake me up before putting on foundation.  It also assists with protecting the skin from the environment which everyone needs, old and young.  Great travel size too so you can pop in your luggage if you want a serum that doubles up as protection and a primer.

Plump & Glow Lip-gloss

This is one of my favourites.  This is a gorgeous bronze shade of lip gloss that isn’t sticky and is flooded with hyaluronic acid.  I use as a topper over lipstick or if my lips are feeling a bit dry during the day.  I carry it everywhere in my handbag so it’s great for touch ups on the go.

Pore Balance Super Detox Clay Mask

This is a purifying clay mask that purges the pores and gives the skin a deep clean.  There are many masks like it on the market but where this differs is it’s consistency.  This is a mousse texture which goes on like butter & doesn’t dry out the skin.  I really enjoyed using this and with ingredients such as kaolin, raspberry leaf and niacinamide, my skin was clear & hydrated.  There aren’t many clay masks that can achieve detoxing and hydrating but this one does and is a win win in my book.  I will definitely repurchase this – plus I need to because I loved it so much I gave it to my sister to try and never got it back!


Alex has done an amazing job at bringing affordable good quality skin care to the mass market.  It’s all cruelty free, fragrance free and vegan friendly.  The ingredients are great however not all of them are as super active as my 42 year old skin requires, so I will use this range to mix and match into my high-end products which I find work best for my skin type.  If you’re new to skincare and want to start branches into different quality ingredients, then this is a great place to start. 

Available from selected Primark stores worldwide

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