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About my site

I’ve always had a very keen interest in healthy skin, makeup and all things beauty related and did a short makeup artistry course after I left school.  However, once I got into Radio, my newfound career took over.  Throughout my radio advertising career, my passion for skincare and makeup never abated and I continued to trial every product released and known to man.  I am always looking for something bigger and better to smooth, firm, lift and glow!  Now that I’ve had a change in career circumstances, I want to dedicate my time to creating this blog and sharing with you what I’ve learned through trial and error plus what works to keep this 42-year-old face glowing (most of the time!)

The entire blog is of my own making and my reviews and comments are based entirely on my own experiences. I’ve spent too many hard-earned euros over the years to recommend something I don’t believe in or see as a benefit to you the reader.  It’s imperative to me that you  can totally trust what I say and know that when you try a product that I have recommended you are doing so knowing it worked for me. You will get my total (warts and all) honest opinion on what I try. Everything you read or see on this website has been created by me (Maria McKenzie) unless otherwise stated*.

If at any stage I am sent products that I then choose to report on, it will be clearly evident to the reader that this is the case and it will in no way influence my opinion or view of their performance. I can’t state that enough! I have literally spent thousands and thousands over the years (much to the dismay of my husband) so I understand parting with your cash should not be taken lightly.  All the advertising and information out there can be confusing and I hope to praise, debunk, de-myth or explain in my opinion if and how  products work.  Also, please be assured that with a background in advertising I am familiar with the ASAI standard guidelines and will adhere to these for anything that is promoted.  Currently I do not use affiliate links, however should that change, I will clearly state it in any post.

This site has now become my full-time job (along with being home with my kids) and I take researching each and every product very seriously.  Please note that whilst I am passionate about skincare and beauty I have no professional training in this area. My reviews are limited to my first-hand experience of the overall performance of a product rather than the individual effectiveness of any particular component or ingredient therein. Please be sensible and take your own skin/complexion/lifestyle into consideration before trialling any new product or regime, particularly you have sensitised skin or are prone to allergies.

Any questions, feel free to contact me on [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as possible (or when the kids give me 5 mins peace!).

Maria x